Vintage Kramer USA Baretta / Focus 1000 1980s Electric Blue Shred Machine — Eddie’s Fave!

$ 1899.00

Vintage Kramer USA Guitar
Focus 1000 body and Baretta American Neck. All from the same period in the 1980s. All made in the same factory by ESP in the US. (Baretta bodies are essentially identical, except they use a thru body jack instead of a jackplate. A jackplate by most measures is actually better and more reliable anyway, and way easier to fix or replace. BTW All these US Kramer bodies and necks were made by the same ESP factory, Focus and Baretta bodies included.) This is a real E V H machine! It has that 80s sound in spades!

Vintage Seymour Duncan humbucker, ORIGINAL FLOYD ROSE whammy bridge. The bridge posts have been reinforced with bearings to prevent typical vintage Floyd trem slop. Works great, keeps tune wonderfully.
Amazing Electric Blue color. Plays great, sounds amazing. Fast, fast neck.

Some definite wear, marks and dings but overall extremely, even strikingly nice for its age. No breaks, no playing issues. Tons of sustain and definition, but warm and vocal.

A true vintage American icon. Don’t miss out on this one!

Shipped insured via FEDEX.
Open to trades of all types — guitar, bass, amps, fx, pedals, mics, keys, drums, etc.