Kramer SM-1 H 2022 – Present – Tronius Silver

$ 579.99

For your consideration, a mighty Kramer recreation the Kramer SM-1 H. Might as well call it mint because there’s really no wear. Plays great and is set to E standard.

Slowly selling off my gear.

Comes with whammy bar and gig bag.

Stripped-down shredder plucked straight from the 1980s metal scene

Solid mahogany body lays a warm and full tonal foundation

Neck-through construction ensures easy access to all 24 frets

Silky-smooth ebony fingerboard tailor-made for furious fretting

Single Seymour Duncan JB humbucker brings heat and girth with well-rounded versatility

Squeal and dive without ever losing pitch courtesy of a Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo

Includes Allen wrenches

Let your hair down and get ready for some serious metal mayhem with Kramer’s SM-1 H Electric Guitar in tow! Though stripped down with simplified controls, the SM-1 H is a no-nonsense machine primed for sonic destruction. Its mahogany body lays a warm and full-sounding tonal foundation for a single Seymour Duncan JB humbucker, an excellent pickup for rock and metal with the flexibility to work well in practically any genre imaginable. Getting to those high frets is never an issue, thanks to the SM-1 H’s neck-through construction, with a glass-like ebony fingerboard for quick chord changes and effortless 6-string arpeggio sweeps. Whether it’s deep-sea dives or light warbles, the Kramer SM-1 H’s Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo is up to the task, representing the cherry on top of this ’80s-inspired shredder guitar.