Kramer Pacer (Imperial?), U.S. Made, 1985 Cherry Red, Serial Number: E1415

$ 1700.00

I purchased this guitar brand new in the mid-eighties.  A close friend and bandmate, Buddy Blaze, helped me pick it out.  Buddy was the designer behind Kramer’s Nightswan.  A really great guy, God rest his soul. 
After hours of research, I’m pretty sure this is the Pacer “Imperial” model. Notice the Banana or Hockey-stick headstock.  This is pretty rare on the Pacer and dates it back to either 1984 or 85. Also the serial number, E1415, is from that period.  Fully American made. I used it as a stage guitar from its purchase until around ’89.  Then it was my backup guitar for a few more years.  Since then, it has sat unused in its case for 30 years.  Still looks and plays great. 

Has some nicks on the finish (see photos.)  All original hardware.  I’m including the case and strap in the photos.   Please let me know if you have any questions.