Kramer Pacer Classic Black l MOD

$ 560.58

What started life as a nice black and clean Kramer has now turned to a rock’n’roll mean machine!

I bought this Kramer in 2015 but have since modded it to the core. All the original parts will be included.

What changed :

– Swapped the original Epiphone pickups for a pair of Seymour Duncan 59 (SH1) that I aged for a matte effect
– Swapped the tremolo for a Schaller Floyd Rose
– Changed the tuning pegs to Klusons
– Changed the knobs to Allparts metal ones
– Homemade mode for the Floyd to be non-floating
– Put an EVH low friction volume knob instead of the original one
– Changed the jack thread
– Added straplocks

The only flaws are purely cosmetic and the axe may need a refretting.