Kramer Pacer Classic 2020 – Present – Purple Passion Metallic

$ 220.00

Picking up the Pacer Classic is like hopping in a time machine — its familiar double-cut body and classic-style headstock will transport you right back to the decade of decadence. This high-performance solidbody electric guitar was built for high speed and high performance. Its balanced-sounding alder body yields the characteristic tone that’s fueled a zillion hard rock classics. Its ruler-flat 12-inch-radius fingerboard ensures lightning-fast playability. And when you plug the Pacer Classic into a cranked British-style stack, you can rest assured that its dual open-coil humbuckers will deliver the goods. And since no guitar would be shred-worthy without a double-locking tremolo, the Pacer Classic comes armed with a licensed Floyd Rose. If you want to rock like it’s 1982, the Kramer Pacer Classic will be happy to oblige.