Kramer Pacer Classic 2010 Black

$ 499.00

You are looking at a 2010-11 Kramer Pacer Classic 80’s reissue. Please don’t confuse this with the newer ones they are selling now. The difference is night and day.

I bought this guitar new in December of 2010 and have taken very good care of it. There is one small ½ inch long indent that doesn’t break the clear coat or finish on the lower left of the front. My camera can’t pick it up. Otherwise the guitar is in excellent condition. I’ve set this guitar up with a new set of Fender Bullets .09’s. I’ve also set it up for low action with 0 fret buzz. Notes sustain and ring on this thing.

It has a hard maple neck that plays very fast with minimal sweat wear on sides and none on the fret board. The frets are smooth and polished.

It has a Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo floated to spec.

The bridge pickup has been upgraded to a Vintage Extra Hot wired to 50’s P.A.F. pickup specs but @ 11.2K. Clean it’s clear and articulate and thru an overdrive it’s big and fat but not muddy. The original Epiphone bridge pickup was to thin and had harsh highs. I kept the stock neck position pickup in it because it sounds pretty damn good there. The pickups are quiet/minimal hum when you aren’t picking but hot when you do.

I replaced the metal black knurled knobs with black speed knobs but will send the originals to you as well.

Comes with Kramer case candy, Allen wrenches, extra original knurled knobs, and a Fender soft case.

I really don’t want to sell it but I already have a few other nice guitars and there’s a couple vintage pieces I want for my pedal board and this will help toward the cost.

Great guitar. You’d be hard pressed to find a guitar that plays and sounds as good as this Kramer for under $500 like my asking price. Ready to Shred?

Thanks for looking.