Kramer Jersey Star Electric Guitar Antique White, headstock broken, u fix it, as is

$ 699.00

t6he. head stock is broken off, please see all pictures, looks like it will shore up pretty tightly, break lines look to line up well, selling as is, please see all pictures. was new, damaged in shipping and returned. unfortunately i did not get the whammy bar back, and one other missing item, on the back side of the headstock there is the mount for the allen wrenches for the floyd rose, and one of the gold screws was on the break line, so came out, and was not returned either, so 2 missing items, the whammy bar and the gold screw for the allen wrench mount. 

the crazy part? it still, with the strings locked on the nut locks, plays in tune. plays great, nice neck, was jammin on it as it is, so yea, the neck will play great and the string lock work.