Kramer Focus Classic 1980s Japan ESP 400 offers okay Rare Vintage & Case. Sweet

$ 499.00

This is a vintage Kramer guitar believe it was made by ESP in the 1980s in Japan. Same as ESP 400 series with Serial number 66276. If you share any additional info I’ll add it.  

A friend asked me to pick up a guitar for him since I tend to look at lots of used guitars. He told me I don’t care what condition it is as long as it’s vintage and it plays and looks cool.He ended up buying a new Squier and not wanting this guitar so I’m selling it here.

I plugged her in and she sounds great to me.  However I would consider this a project guitar even though it plays pretty well many areas. As you can see the fretboard is very worn down and almost scalloped in some places. There is a small crack at the top of the head stock which as you can see in the pictures does not go all the way through the wood but could be dealt with if you wish. Pickups all work though the neck one is weaker than the 2 others (maybe that is typical). The tone control does not work very well and many times does not work. A little bit of distortion when you turn the dials but not much. Might need a little grounding help as there’s a little bit of growl when you use the switches but not much. Sounds really good and sweet on the bridge and middle pick ups. I like the 4th position for that Dire Straits sound and she shines to my ears.  Action seems very comfortable up and down the neck and I don’t hear any buzzing.  Original Kramer Case is included and works very well.
Many people have commented that my items are better than described. I would rather that your surprises be to the positive side rather than be disappointed..

I’m just disclosing everything that I can about this guitar. Due to the things that I’ve described I’m considering this a project even though it plays nicely now in many aspects there are no returns.

My research on these says that it was made in Japan by ESP 1980s. The tuners all work well. I understand these can be quite valuable but given everything I can disclose and to look at offers and considerations.

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer

Again, this is a used guitar that has the noted imperfections so it is being sold as is with no returns.

No overseas shipping.

Thanks for looking!