Kramer Focus 1000 “Holy Grail” Large Non-Tilt headstock. 1983-1984 Cream

$ 1989.04

Early 83-84 Kramer Non-Tilt (Holy Grail) Focus 1000. (please read bottom for shipping details)

All hardware mods (black tuners,buttons and trem) were done by ESP Japan when the guitar was purchased in 83-84. I purchased this locally in Japan from the original owner.

– ESP Magician Tremolo, (likely the first licensed Floyd, released early 83) – info can be found at  *** Normal Floyd Rose also fits posts*** (When trem was installed, the posts were moved to 25″ from the nut to centre of post, which is correct for modern Floyds, not sure why the original holes were so far back? maybe it was for the non-fine tuner Floyd or possibly the Floyd specific route wasn’t being used yet? but they were way farther back than the 25″ or 25 1/8″ that is recommended today.

– ESP LH-200 Humbucker

The guitar plays great, neck is nice and straight with no truss rod issues, frets are in very good shape.

Guitar does have some very minor imperfections here and there. There is 1 large chip near the neck pocket, the chip is glued in solidly and not at risk of any further chipping, purely a small cosmetic issue. Couple small little dents behind the Floyd and some tiny ones on the back of the neck, likely from the guitar leaning on things. very clean overall but not mint.

Trem bar for Magician is not original. It just comes with a generic one but fits original Floyd Rose bar also.

PLEASE NOTE: For International shipping the guitar will be sent with NECK OFF. This brings the cost down about $300, so it makes no economical sense to ship it in a case (that is not original) when you could just buy a very nice case for the money saved on shipping. It also means I can pack the parts extra well to limit the possibility of any damage in transit.