Kramer DMZ-1000 Late 70s Natural *Christmas Special*

$ 1800.00

Here we have a very rare and sought after aluminum neck Kramer. These were made in the late 70s and sport a bolt on aluminum neck. The fretboard material is made out of ethanol which is what they use for bowling balls. You will not come across another one of these guitars in this great of a condition, with the original case. This example is also rare because of the fact that it has the more uncommon skinny body. It is very uncommon to find DMZ 1000s with this body type. Get your hands on it while you can.

There are no blemishes that can catch my eyes, honestly this guitar is very minty. A lot of these aluminum necks can run into some problems, especially after this much time. But this example is outstanding. Perfect play ability and it is just immaculate looking. The original case is still in very good condition, although it does have a few blemishes.

The guitar will come set up by a professional luthier. This means new strings, a wipe down, just an overall go through. There’s usually run about $60-$75 but I’m including it for free. Fast and safe shipping. Shipping prices have recently been inflated, so unfortunately my shipping price has rose.