Kramer Beak V 80s Striped

$ 3999.00

Here is someone’s holy grail. Could it be yours? There’s only one guitar I would trade for, a minty original rocket roll senior. What we have here is an incredibly rare USA Kramer Beak V. You very rarely find Kramer GUITARS in this shape of V, let alone with the old beak. I am not a Kramer expert, so if you have any info you think I would like to hear, don’t be afraid.

The guitar is in near excellent condition, other than it’s unoriginal parts. I believe the pickup is an early DiMarzio, and I’ve been told this is one of the earliest Floyd Roses used. The guitar is missing the string clamps on the locking nut, which should be a very cheap and easy fix. There are a couple very small lacquer cracks on the back of the neck where the locking nut bolts go in. This can easily be fixed.

The guitar will come in the Gibson V case shown, which is in pretty good shape other than the latches. If you have any questions or reasonable offers please let me know.