Kramer Baretta USA 1984 – White

$ 7154.30

Kramer Baretta 1984 White – US made C Plate.

Very rare and in amazing condition – after the 1983 ‘Holy Grail’ this is the next most collectable Kramer guitar.

As you can see is a great example, in stunning condition – vintage Baretta Kramers are really sought after and very collectible these days. This is not a reissue, but the real deal. Built in 1984 ‘C Plate’ with classic banana headstock with the ultra-rare Kramer Baretta lettering. Very few of these around and this is the only one available globally.

The pickup is an original Schaller Golden 50 reverse zebra humbucker, black ungraded gotoh tuners (original for this period, before the switch to black Schallers) and the iconic black German Floyd Rose – which are known to be the best.

This features a heavy resonant sounding maple body, scarf joint is rock solid and the aged rosewood fretboard really sings. The only updates are an FU Tones brass block, new noiseless springs and black titanium screws – all ensure this guitar is playing and sounding superb as you would expect from an original Kramer.

These guitars are incredibly rare and ever more desirable since Ed’s passing with people now waking up to just how amazing the instruments are. Prices are rising and those that have these guitars rarely want to part with them. This guitar is a very good investment. Price reflects rarity and condition.

Please Note – The hard case is a newer Kramer tolex hard case.