Kramer Baretta Special 2022 – Ruby Red

$ 275.00

This is a Kramer Beretta Special in the color of Ruby Red, which has a slight pink tone to it.  It was made in Indonesia, unlike some of these models which were produced in China.  It is in excellent condition, other than one tiny blemish by the volume knob that I have included in the pictures. The Upgrades: I installed a Seymour Duncan Dave Mustaine Thrash Factor pickup which is around $120.  I also installed D’addario Auto-Trim Locking Tuners which cost about $70.  I replaced the bridge with a Wilkinson Solid Steel Block “shorty” tremolo bridge and block, which runs about $40.  I replaced the strap buttons with D’addario Planet Waves Elliptical Pins.  The potentiometers  in these Barettas are pretty much worthless, as the volume is either off or wide open.  I installed a Jim DUnlop Super Pot 500k Potentimeter to fix that problem.  Last, I replaced the cheap volume knob with a Guyker solid brass knob.  All together the upgrades cost about $250 plus the cost of the guitar was $190.  Please message with any questions and God Bless!