Kramer Baretta 1990’s ?? White

$ 3800.00

Thank you for all the help identifying the year of the guitar! Serial number E5469. I cannot find a ton of information on this American Baretta, but if memory serves we have owned the guitar since the mid-90’s. This poor thing has just not seen much play wear over the years and is truly what I would call a Case Queen. Everything is right on this guitar and includes the original case ( including the Bozo sticker from a long forgotten time).

Condition: near perfect- there is a couple of small smudges by the low E (see pictures). I am not sure what these are other than minor blemishes in the paint. Very minor but with notating. This is another guitar we bought back in the 90’s for a project – then kept in the case for a later day ( which never came, of course). All electronics and truss rod work as expected, original pickups, tuners, case etc.

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