Kramer 1984 Reissue Baretta Bullseye Guitar, 1980’s USA Pacer Neck w/OHSC, RARE!

$ 1699.99

This 1984 Kramer Reissue has been upgraded/heavily customized with a REAL vintage 1980’s Kramer USA neck, a new REAL German made Floyd Rose. These red/black Bullseye Baretta’s are hard to find as is and you’ll never find one that’s been upgraded with a real 1980’s USA Kramer neck.

This is an excellent condition, 1984 Reissue Kramer Baretta Bullseye that ahs been heavily customized. This one was from the original run of these guitars which were made in Korea. I took the guitar apart and sold everything except the Bullsyeye body and the 1984 neckplate. I picked up an original Vintage 80’s USA Kramer neck with era correct tuners. The neck was either from a Baretta or a Pacer but I don’t recall. It feels awesome and is light years better than the cheap Korean neck that comes on these guitars. I bought a real German made original Floyd Rose which is so much better than the bridge that comes stock on these guitars. The specs say these come with original Floyd Rose tremolos. But, they are actually Korean made Floyd Rose FRT tremolos made to the “original” specs. I’m not a fan of direct mount pickups so I put an EMG 85 in this one with a pickup ring. It’s a quick connect so you can change it to an 81 if you prefer those. The Kramer logo case is new, plush and very form fitted to the guitar.

This guitar is from my personal collection and I had my guitar tech do all the mods so it’s all been professioanlly done. It’s been set up with 10-52 strings in E flat. It sounds awesome and is ready to rock!

Please review all the photos as they are a part of the description and show the guitars condition and what’s included. This guitar is as close to MINT as it gets. You may find a few swirl marks here and there if you look hard enough but this guitar was never gigged so the body is extremely clean. The neck overall is in great shape for an 80’s neck. It has a few nicks on the headstock all of which you can see. The frets are in great shape with very minimal wear. The Kramer case is brand new with no wear, marks or scuffs. Condition is very subjective but I describe everything as best I can and I do have a 100% positive seller rating. If you have any questions please ask.

*Shipping indicated is for the lower 48 States only and includes insurance. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii would be additional.