1980’s USA Kramer American Stagemaster in DIY transparent red

$ 675.00

For your consideration is a 1980’s USA Kramer American Stagemaster…rough around the edges, but currently works and plays well…but might be a perfect platform for some experimenting or restoring.

The guitar appears to have been at least partially refinished, and it was far from a professional job. We officially label it as “almost decent,” becuase we have seen much worse. It appears that permanent marker was used over the red burst finish to create a half hokey/half kinda cool transparent red effect. It looks pretty cool under stage lights…it is a Stagemaster after all. The locking nut pieces have been colored with red permanent marker as well. 

Frets and fretboard look great…no bad news there. 

Body has nicks and dings…missing the middle pickup. The pickups don’t appear to be stock. Both the back plates do not seem to be original. Missing trem arm.

The mini switch is a kill switch.

The guitar was recently set up and is ready to rock, so this is not a project guitar. That said, this could be a phenomenal candidate for a restoration or modification project…in the right hands, this could be turned around and totally revamped into a tremendous one of a kind piece. However, it plays very well as it is right now…your call!

Comes with beat up older case, as pictured.