1980 Kramer Gene Simmons Bass Player KISS Signature Axe Guitar Super Rare Collectible Signed & Numbered #42 Vintage Original

$ 6999.00

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– 1980 Kramer Signature Gene Simmons Limited Edition Hand-Signed & Numbered Axe Guitar
– While All Examples Are Denoted as Being One of One Thousand, ACTUAL Numbers Suggest Only 100 Total Instruments (Both Guitars & Basses) with Only 25 Guitars Being Made
– Very Rare, Very Cool, Potentially Dangerous
– Slightly Faded Finish with Attractive Patina as This Was On Display for the Previous 30 Years or so…
– Weighs 9 lbs
– No Case
– Most Sell at Collectibles Auctions When They Happen to Appear
– Can Safely Ship Worldwide!