Upgraded Jackson JS22-7 Gloss 7 String

$ 280.00

Here I have a common JS22-7, but souped up to the max with over $300 worth of upgraded parts alone, making it punch well above its weight class. It’s currently set up to Drop G with GHS 11-85s, heres a list of things done to it:

  • Full Fret Dress (Action is now set to 1.25 on high string and 1.7mm on low string)
  • Gotoh MGT Locking Tuners
  • Hipshot 7 Bridge
  • Graphtech Nut
  • Kiyst God Hand 7 Pickups (voiced after Lundgren M7s)
  • Upgraded CTS Pots and Puretone Jack

It’s been newly restrung, fretboard’s oiled, and ready to chug your heart out.

As far as wear goes, light finish swirl marks and small dents here and there may be seen under certain lighting, and the headstock faced an unfortunate hit which took a small piece of it off but has been colored in to mask it a bit (pictured).