Scalloped Jackson PS 4,bluemetal FR-HB,playing a la Yngwie,Ritchie & Co!

$ 386.62

Here is a scalloped Jackson PS 4 e-guitar in bluemetal in very good condition to sell..

The Jackson PS 4 from the Performer series was built in the 90s

probably made in Korea or USA

and is a very good brand guitar

it is a Jackson Floyd Rose type tremolo installed with indispensable 24 frets

1 single coils and 2 humbuckers

1 x 5-way switch 1 vol and 1 tone control

009 strings are on it…

the highlight for all heavy fans: the upside-down headstock

The guitar has been played many times but is in very good condition with only

1 slight impact on the top below the tremolos

Ser.Nr 1023919

Weight : 3606 g

with Thomann – Gigbag

Conclusion : An inexpensive good sounding and perfectly adjusted guitar in good condition

To test the scalloping !