New,2023 Jackson X Series DK3XR HSS Dinky Caution Yellow, Help Support Small Business & Buy It Here !

$ 599.99

Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS Electric Guitar – Caution Yellow

Serial Number: ISJ 211771 , Weight: 7.6 lbs.

Built for Blazing-hot Solos and Manic Riffing

With its glam-rock good looks, shred-friendly feel, and incendiary tone, the Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS is a tone chaser’s dream axe. Featuring a fast-playing maple neck capped with a compound-radius laurel fingerboard, the X Series Dinky DK3XR is built for blazing-hot solos and manic riffing. Plus, the HSS pickup configuration opens up a sea of tonal options, from spanky single-coil sounds to crunchy humbucker thunder. For whammy wizards, the X Series Dinky DK3XR comes equipped with a Floyd Rose Special, an officially licensed version of the ubiquitous double-locking tremolo bridge system preferred by guitarists. If you’re in need of an affordable guitar that’s able to handle heavy technical playing, then you can’t go wrong with the X Series Dinky DK3XR from Jackson!

Compound-radius fingerboard: the best of both worlds

The X Series Dinky DK3XR sports a compound-radius laurel fingerboard with jumbo frets. Down low, your fretting hand will appreciate the 12-inch radius that keeps things comfortable for natural, relaxed chord work. Up top, a 16-inch radius lays it all out flat for effortless, low-action high-speed runs with monumental string bends without fretting out — providing you with the best of both worlds.

Optimized electronics give you a staggering range of tones

The X Series Dinky DK3XR sports an electronics setup that stokes your sonic arsenal with massive tonal range. For those chimey, spanky S-style sounds, you have single-coils in the neck and middle position, right where you want them. Smoldering at the bridge, you have a muscular high-output Jackson humbucker waiting to do some serious damage. With the 5-way blade selector, you have access to myriad tones, whether you’re chugging, shredding, or anything in between.

Floyd Rose tremolo dive-bombs with the best of them

For expressive performance, the Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR comes armed with a Floyd Rose Special. This double-locking tremolo maintains a feel and response akin to Floyd Rose’s classic designs, while utilizing zinc alloy saddles and a zinc alloy sustain block. Thanks to this trem, the Dinky DK3XR tolerates depraved amounts of whammy bar abuse without going out of tune. So, shriek, flutter, squeal, dive-bomb, make crazy animal sounds — the Dinky DK3XR is equipped for it all.

Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS Electric Guitar Features:

  • Lightweight solidbody electric guitar tailored to metal guitarists and technical players
  • Compound-radius fingerboard yields ultra-fast playability
  • Dual Jackson custom single-coil pickups and a single bridge humbucker deliver versatile, hard-hitting tone
  • Floyd Rose Special double-locking tremolo for twisting, bending, and dive-bombing
  • Inverted pearloid shark fin fingerboard inlays and aggressive-looking black hardware
  • Matching reverse pointed headstock with attention-grabbing classic Jackson logo

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