Jackson X Series SLX DX Swirl Soloist 2019 – 2020 – Satin White Swirl USED

$ 650.00

I have owned the guitar for almost exactly a year, it plays and looks brand new.
The back of the neck is a worn a little shiny on the lower register and below the pickups there is a slightly worn shiny spot, this is normal wear for a matte finish. I have installed quiet coil springs from Skyscraper guitars and it has a set of Fender strap locks. It plays fantastic and feels very light. The trem is very quiet the only noise produced is from the ends of the springs which insert into the block of the trem, which is an issue with any system that doesnt lock down those spring ends somehow. You can mitigate this by putting some lubricant there to achieve a quieter trem action. It is a fantastic guitar and I’m only selling to pay for another guitar I have purchased. I will ship it in the boxes my other guitar came in and I can install tune and intonate new strings on the guitar in any tuning you would like if you message me.