Jackson X Series SLA6 DX Baritone Soloist 2022 – Present – Satin Black

$ 699.00

*if shipping cost turns out to be less than listed, I will issue a partial refund through Reverb*

Kind of a feeler. Very fast shreddy baritone guitar here.


Mahogany body

Neck thru maple neck w/laurel fingerboard

26.5″ scale length

Tone Ninja locking tuners

EMG passive H1A & H2A pickups

Single volume knob

There is an intonation issue where intonation is pretty off past the 15th fret on the lowest string only. I’ve pretty much done all I can to get it as good as I can but it’s not perfect. Currently set up in Drop A#.

Shoot me offers and trades or let me know if you have any questions!