Jackson X Series Scott Ian Signature King V KVXT Ivory

$ 675.00

For sale is a Jackson X Series Scott Ian Signature King V in Ivory.

This is an excellent offering from Jackson that combines everything a guitarist loves. Playability, tone and style. This guitar is one of those thoughtfully designed signature models that is appealing to both the die hard fans of the artist and those who just share his sensibilities and taste in guitars. Jackson has captured the aesthetic of the most desirable classic Vs but added their own twist making for a modern thrash machine without sacrificing that timeless class.

This example has been upgraded with a pair of active Seymour Duncan humbuckers in place of the lackluster stock Duncan Designed pickups. These pickups rip. If you want to use this V for its intended purpose, you won’t be disappointed.

The cosmetics on this guitar are near flawless, however, as is true with most Jacksons, the headstock tip has a tiny little chip in the finish. It is very difficult to notice and it is undetectable from the front. The bottom wings have no detectable blemishes.

This guitar was mostly used in the recording studio and in the rehearsal setting. It was gigged once and it proved reliable and functional in that scenario.

This listing includes the original hardshell case.