Jackson X-Series Monarkh SCX7 – Gloss Black

$ 699.99

The Jackson Monarkh SCX7 7-string solidbody electric guitar is primed for sonic annihilation, providing you with scorching tone and aggressive attitude. Loaded with a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, this metal powerhouse tackles grinding riffs, complex chords, and screaming leads effortlessly. A one-piece maple neck is reinforced with graphite rods, yielding unbelievable stability and incredible sustain. The Monarkh SCX7’s ultra-comfortable compound-radius fingerboard makes chording near the nut and lightning-fast upper-register soloing a piece of cake. The Jackson Monarkh SCX7 is a value-packed 7-string solidbody electric guitar with an in-your-face personality, brutal tone, and insane playability.