Jackson X Series KVXT King V 2015 – 2017 – Cherry Sunburst

$ 900.00

The only issues with this guitar are as follows:
*Tiny chip on the tip of the headstock (see picture)

*Very light surface scratches in various areas on surface of guitar (See picture for example, there are other similar scratches in other areas of the guitar but hard to get on camera. Picture is just an example, not the only scratched area)

*Slight fret buzz around the area of the 14th fret, D string (Still totally playable, just slight buzz)

All issues are minor and I’m not aware of any other issues. Its in equal or better shape than most guitars you’d find in the showroom of that big center where guitars are sold. Its a great guitar. Its strung up with 10s, set up for E standard with action at about 1.5mm and .006 neck relief. All hardware is the original hardware to my knowledge except for the included DiMarzio click-lock strap (see pictures).