Jackson X series dinky DK3XR HSS neon green + foam case

$ 415.71


Jackson X Series Dinky DK3XR HSS LRL Neon Green for sale. Official Jackson foam case included, which was not originally included. I do not sell them separately.
This guitar is a great value for the price and sounds balanced. IMHO, I wouldn’t even change the pickups. You can get great sounds if you tweak. Floy Rose keeps on tune if you do not abuse. I do not use it, and even not locking the nut, it holds the tuning.
No dings, no scratches, immaculate condition. Even not dust!. I have played it like 10 times just at home, since I am not a 25.5 scale guy. The only comment is that the headstock tuners sometimes they’re a bit stiff to move, but that does not affect guitar tuning at all. 
Do not hesitate. Go for it! 😀