Jackson Warrior WRX24M Electric Guitar (Phoenix, AZ)

$ 549.99

This radical shred machine is built ready for high-gain playing; with it’s through-body super thin neck, it’s 12″-16″ compound radius, high output in-house Jackson humbuckers, and it’s super-tight Floyd Rose Special bridge, this guitar is perfect for anything from bedroom recording to gigging on the road. It does have a few good dings and chips on it; one big one on lower horn on the treble side and another on the top of the headstock with a small ding on the upper horn on the treble side and a small finish crack just behind the bridge going to the end of the body but not going through the wood (see pictures for details and size comparison).
Reverse Headstock
Floyd Rose Special locking tremolo
Maple through-body neck
Maple fretboard
Poplar body