Jackson Warrior WR7 with Tremel-no

$ 1200.00

– Was originally posted a month or two ago. As I was I was still playing the guitar regularly, I had noticed that there were some apparent tuning issues. Due to that, I de-listed it for the time being and took it to my local Tech who completely re-set up the floyd, and we also ordered and installed a Tremel-no while we were at it. Since getting it back, this thing is now rock solid, there are no more tuning issues no matter how much you utilize the trem, and the next owner should be very pleased with how it performs. I hate to let it go, but I’m moving gear around to look for a classical guitar. Shoot me an offer if you want, the worst I can say is no. Currently set up to standard with D’addario NYXL 10-74’s.

– There are two minor nicks (pictured) on the back of the guitar, other than that just normal wear but nothing else apparent. The points are all crisp still, as well as the headstock.

– Local pickup only, not shipping this, no exceptions. Thank you for understanding and thank you for looking! Sold AS IS with no returns.