Jackson Warrior 2020’s – Goober Green Decay

$ 900.00

So, long story, short, I purchased this Jackson Warrior body as a project guitar. I sent it off to Guitar Paint Guys for refinishing (because they had the cheapest game in town), and a year later I found out why.

As I waited an entire year for them to finish the paint, I began purchasing everything else that I needed including a reverse headstock, 24 fret Jackson neck, a Seymour Duncan pickups, Tone Pros Bridge, ferrules, and most of the other parts (including a hardshell Jackson factory case) required to fully assemble this guitar.

Upon delivery of the repainted guitar body, I discovered an imperfection on one of the horns where the paint finish fell completely off down to the primer in one small spot. Thinking on my feet, I used a black marker and some super glue to attempt to address it. Needless to say, I was not satisfied with the result and damned sure wasn’t gonna send it back and wait another year for them to fix it.

I’ve had it sitting out for several months trying to decide what to do with it, and finally have come to the conclusion that my best option is to just pass this project off for someone else to complete.

Probably 90% or more of the parts needed for completion are here, but there is still some items you’ll need to grab before getting it totally completed. Breaks my heart to give up, but I just don’t have the heart and the patience to see it through to completion. Let my loss be your gain! Thanks for looking!