Jackson USA Select Series RR1 Bolted Steel 2007

$ 7899.99

An extremely beautiful example of a rare finish for a USA RR1, only a handful to exist with this full body custom shop airbrushed paint-job with 1 volume only with toggle switch spec.

Comes with Dimarzio super distortion on bridge, and a Dimarzio PAF on neck.

floyd rose has titanium string blocks and brass block.

shows minimal signs on play, a case queen. frets and fretboard in Immaculate shape. very minimal swirl marks from cleaning rags over the years of its existence.

Tremelo cover and arm in case With its Factory tags/paperwork.

2 small blemishes to note, a small clear coat defect on a horn tip of the bottom v tip, small circle, not a chip. Second blemish is a factory clear coat run that did not get wetsanded during paint process from factory, very unnoticeable but its in bottom of the fretboard binding on the bottom neck side, Look at pics, highlighted with blue mark on pics. blemishes are very small and not noticeable at all. Other than that its in excellent shape. a good 8.5/10.

Comes with new jackson hardshell case, the good new one, way better than the old big cases, and safer.

Feel free to ask any questions thank you