Jackson USA Select Series KV2 King V

$ 2900.00

2002 USA Jackson KV2 in gloss black. Nice low action, frets are in great shape. Emg 81 81 combo. Floyd rose brass block and noiseless springs. Horns are in mint condition. Minor swirl here and there from polishing rag. Previous owner moved the strap button on the back a few times and looks of an attempt of drop fill. Does not affect structure or playability, just doesn’t look good in my opinion. Dunlop strap buttons. I changed the jackson tuners to new gotohs, one of the originals didn’t feel right so I just changed them all. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask. Comes with the original hardshell case- big boy, and the hang tag. It does come with the rear cavity cover, it’s just not installed. Priced accordingly for the relocation of the strap button. Can always buy yourself a new one for 4500 lol. Thanks!