Jackson USA RR-1T 2004 Snow White With Modifications

$ 3000.00

2004 Jackson USA RR1-T Snow White

I don’t often sell anything from my collection but I’ve finally decided to part ways with my American RR1.
I was told by the shop I bought it from that the previous owner played it at one gig, dropped it, and sold it immediately afterwards.

Everything on the guitar is in excellent condition except for the end of the longer tailpiece where it landed on and part of the metal plate near the bridge from normal string tension, etc.
I have never taken the electrical tape off the end to see what’s under there but from feeling it, it seems minor.
Paint is good for the rest of the body and there is a very minor amount missing on the corners of the other wingtip from being set down over the years.

The strap lock buttons currently on it were not installed by me so I’m not sure if they were stock but they do work with the locks on my Schallers.

The modifications I had professionally done were to install the killswitch and replace the tuners, pickups, and nut.
Since the pickups eliminated the need for the third knob, I moved the existing ones around and covered the empty hole with a small felt pad that blends in rather nicely and allows for better right hand movement when palm muting the higher strings.

Due to the original cavity being small already, adding a 9V battery in there as well results in a very snug fit but everything does still fit.
An expert at a local guitar shop gave everything the once over and found that one of the wires has been pinched slightly so it causes a little distortion while adjusting the toggle switch but this wire can be easily replaced and is not heard during play.

Minor items aside, the guitar plays excellently and is a metal machine.
My intent was to bring it up to spec to play Children of Bodom riffs and with its compound radius neck, it plays fast and is definitely mean.

The Alexi Signature bridge pickup has an added bonus in the form of a push/pull pot for a gain boost and equalizer that is customizable on the board itself.
The tech who installed it set it to the recommended settings that Alexi used.
The gain is off when the pot is in the pulled position.

The kill switch works perfectly and is accessible but still out of range when palm muting.
The build quality feels identical to an old style arcade cabinet and is very easy to use.

The case is in good condition but Jackson used glue to fasten the straps to the top cover and that has lost its stick.
This can be easily fixed by someone with a hot glue gun and some determination I imagine but I just open it in a large area or prop it against a wall.

I have owned this beast for about 7 years or so, have taken good care of it, and I’d like to see it passed on to inspire the next person as much as it did for me.

Feel free to message me with any questions or if you would like some other photos taken.
I can send photos of the matching serial as well, just prefer to have a message request for that one.
Last note – Buyer pays shipping and we can discuss that during the process.
Local pickup is fine but I’d only like to ship to the lower 48.

Here are the specs in list order
Jackson USA Snow White RR1-T Hardtail

Ebony Fretboard

Neck Pickup
EMG – H2A Passive

Bridge Pickup
EMG ALX-HZ ABQ (Alexi Laiho Signature with Boost)

Gotoh Delta Series 510z Locking

Tesi Switch Killswitch

Tusq Nut

Aftermarket Black Pinstripes (Professionally Applied by local Signage Company)

Chompette Sticker

Also included:
Original case
Stock Seymour Duncan pickups
Stock Jackson tuners
Inspection tag from Jackson with matching serial
Allen wrench