Jackson USA Phil Collen Signature PC2

$ 2000.00

Jackson USA PC2, Phil Collen signature. I have owned this since around 2004 and haven’t played it much. The PC2 was apparently built as a limited run for a musical instrument chain.
Satin natural finish. Mahogany body. Stunning quilt maple top.
Maple neck with satin finish and shred approved shallow, wide profile. Figured maple fretboard with no fretboard inlays. Tall frets which show very little wear.
Wilkinson trem.
I love this guitar because while I think the PC1 is very cool, I prefer the Wilkinson trem and locking tuners to a Floyd Rose trem, and I don’t really need the Sustainer that the PC1 has. You get a great Phil Collen signature guitar and save a few bucks on what a PC1 would cost.

The trem springs cover is not included. That was gone when I got the guitar. Included are the guitar, Jackson molded plastic case and trem bar.

The original pickups are gone. The guitar has two Lace Sensors, the “fat Strat” silver in the middle and the jazz/blues light blue at the neck. Really great single coil tones with less hum and no volume drop when bending notes. BTW volume drop when bending strings is why I took out the original single coil pickups.
The bridge pickup is a Dimarzio P3, which is a nice crunchy ceramic magnet humbucker which was originally the OEM pickup in early 90s Yamaha Pacifica guitars. It’s in the Steve’s Special and Mega Drive ballpark as far as tone. It’s a great match for the mahogany body on this guitar.

Cosmetically the guitar has NO bumps, dings, gouges, scrapes, nothing like that. A few very small impressions on the back edge by the back strap button which I’d guess were made by a guitar strap. The back, the front, the neck, the headstock are all very clean. No bumps on the headstock from carelessness at a gig, nothing like that. The guitar is listed as “very good” condition because the pickups have been swapped and the trem spring cover is missing, not because it’s at all beat up.

I’ve tried to describe the guitar as accurately and in detail as I can. If you have other questions, please ask before buying. This is a beautiful and great playing guitar.

I will ship to lower 48 in USA only. Sorry, no shipping outside USA. No shipping charge, of course, if picked up locally.