Jackson USA, 1992 Randy Rhoads LTD (Concord) #151

$ 8900.00

Parting with some treasure. This is an all original 1992 Randy Rhoads LTD, #151. Only 200 made with an estimated amount of 20-30 made with the vintage Gotoh Tremolos like this one and I assume was what Randy’s original had. Quote me if I am wrong. I could never get a definitive answer from anyone, even Jackson. Guitar has been played but not abused. I replaced the saddles years ago but the originals ones will come with it. Comes with setup tag and warranty card and I will include a framed magazine add from a guitar magazine from this era.

I have owned this guitar for approximately twenty years. It has spent life with me in a cigarette smoke free home studio or bedroom and stored in a climate controlled environment, never in a storage facility and has for the most part been in its case. I purchased it from the original owners widow off of eBay. I’m listing it as “Very Good” as it has a couple dings on the pointy parts and the clear coat around the tuning pegs has raised up as I have seen on many of these listed over the years. This guitar plays and sounds amazing. If you would like more pic’s of any part of the guitar let me know.