Jackson USA 1992 Custom Shop DK1 Dinky Factory Custom Graphic Multicolor Skulls

$ 2299.99

1992 Jackson DK-1, 8.5/10 condition, 100% original down to the strap buttons and every screw on the guitar. The back of the neck is untouched and has decades of light patina on the back that feels incredible

I have owned five of these over the years, used to love these guitars back when they were new. This one is a poplar body, has the Jackson factory electronics with the preamp and the J200 singles and the J80 humbucker. Schaller Floyd made in Germany is in good shape. This guitar was evidently played for a few years in the 90s and then put away.

Thin and flat DK neck like all of them. Ebony board in beautiful condition, frets are 85% with some light wear on the first few frets. Some minor clear coat dings on the top. The back is surprisingly clean, other than a patch of curious wear on the trem cavity cover. At the very tip of the headstock, we have the only significant finish issue – the tip is missing a small section of binding, which is typical with these guitars if you bang the point into something. This guitar probably did a few gigs in the 90s.

Electronics sound great, preamp works, no noise or static. Guitar plays cleanly up and down the neck with pretty light action, could be lowered even more depending on how you like your setup. Neck is straight and plays great. The guitar sounds great, no excuses.

If you are looking for a Jackson like this, this is a really good one. New DK USA models list for $3200, and this one is a very clean 1992 model (serial 0015xx) and is a great example of the 24 fret and 24.75” scale length shredder with a bolt on neck and a Floyd. This guitar rocks.

The finish is quite unique – I have owned a few of these, and seen quite a few more over the years. This multicolor skull graphic must have been a custom order or perhaps an experiment by Jackson – it has the “eerie dess” color scheme, but with the “Pile O Skulls” theme – if it’s your vibe, I don’t think you will see another.

Will come with a nice TKL wood/tolex hard shell case and will be VERY securely packed.