Jackson Swee-tone Jazz’r – Customized 2000 – Black

$ 1992.69

Please read the description carefully !

This guitar was originally a Custom Shop Jackson Swee-Tone in Honey sunburst finish with Seymour Duncan custom P90.
It was one of the first Swee-tone ever produced, received at Fender France office for demos, shows and stuffs like that.

I didn’t exactly remember how this happened, but for some reasons, during a show, someone felt one the guitar, occasioning major injuries on the body. As a matter of fact, it has been fractured in multiple pieces… So the guitar was meant to be returned to the Fender broken guitars stock.
But it has been decided that the guitar should be repaired and glued to be used for a decorating purpose. It was also painted in black with an aerosol spray can.
You can notice on the picture that the body presents some irregularities and is not fully smooth.
The fact that it had been broken is not a problem anymore, and the body seems to be healthy and sturdy.
As strange as it may seem, the body still sounds very good and seems to have retained excellent acoustic properties !

When I bought this guitar, I decided to replace the P90 pickups with Humbucker pickups.
These are a Bareknuckle Ragnarok set, and it sounds terrific !

The neck had not been damaged and is a Mahogany neck through body with V shape.
It is very confortable and pleasant to play for those who like V neck shapes.

The case has a classy alligator style vinyl cover and seems very sturdy.
I still got the papers with serial number and warranty card.

So, no this guitar is not perfect, it has a raw finish, but still sounds very good, and still comes from a Custom Shop line.
It has a good punchy and raw sound, and will easily find its place in rock and metal register.

Feel free to ask any question.