Jackson Surfcaster – Custom Shop 1998 – Mahogany Body

$ 2000.00

This is a fairly unique guitar that I have tried to nail down the specifics for. I was gifted the guitar a few years ago and just haven’t gotten back into playing and would like it to go to someone who will give it life again!

In trying to fairly appraise and identify the guitar, I went to Flipside Music (Denver, CO) for guidance and was referred to Fender directly to assist in obtaining a new certificate of authenticity. Through this we found out that it was produced before the acquisition of Jackson and as such they aren’t able to provide a new certificate but agree it is a 1998 custom shop Jackson. It appears to me to be a 1998 Surfcaster body (as pictured in the ad attached) with a PC2 or PC3 neck with 2 Seymour Duncan Strat and a P90 pickup as well as 2 push-pulls and a 3 way selector. I’m happy to answer any questions and would prefer local sale but would be happy to entertain reasonable offers.