Jackson Soloist Jr

$ 2100.00

One of the gems of the late 80s/early 90s MIJ Jackson era, the Soloist Jr has the same high quality materials and hardware of the standard soloist, but with two important differences: it has a shorter 24.75″ scale, and an HS pickup configuration. It is kind of the soloist version of the early 90s warrior professionals in that regard. The color is like a titanium grey metallic.

This one is overall in good shape but has a number of modifications. The original tuners have been changed. The gearing on the new ones is really fast and from a pure usability perspective, I think an improvement over the stock ones. The pickups, originally Jackson, have been swapped out for Duncans. It has had some repair on the binding/fretboard near the pickup side, and the old clearcoat has been scraped off the neck binding area, giving it a white appearance, vs. the aged tint on the headstock binding. There are some small chips around but overall it is in very good condition and plays and sounds great.

The original Jackson hardcase is included. I can ship worldwide via EMS.