Jackson SL1 HHH / HSS 2001 Flamed Translucent Red

$ 4000.00

2001 SL1 USA neck-thru made into an HHH guitar. Has 59 neck pickups in the neck and middle with a JB Trembucker TB-4 in the bridge. There is a tailstop installed that can be used to keep the guitar from pulling back. I’m not a fan of it so I adjusted it all the way forward to act as if it wasn’t there. I can adjust it back to the bridge if you would like once purchased. If you want the HSS with an HHH tone and versatility hear it is. I couldn’t catch the color of this guitar the best. It is blood red with impressive depth. The flamed finish is perpendicular to the grain and looks really good. There is a couple marks around the bridge pictured, one small one behind the headstock, and one under the neck pickup. All pictured. Some small light surface scratching that you will likely never notice unless you go looking for it as well. The guitar it 21 years old. Very nice guitar with a tight lead tone. If you have any questions let me know.