Jackson RR3 Randy Rhodes 1997 Black Made in Japan Bolt on neck Awesome!

$ 499.00

Fantastic 1997 Jackson RR3 Randy Rhodes Vee. Made in Japan, if your looking, you know how good these are. This ones been played, but in great condition considering its age. There is some worming, and finish wear to the back of the neck. Frets have a ton of life left in them. The body shows dings, dents , and scratches. General polishing scratches, rubbing etc. The mark near the low E tuner appears to be wood grain, not a crack. I’ve seen some that show up with cracks in that area, This one looks good. The usual dings at the base of the horn, but they are pretty mimimal on this example. Small finish only neck pocket crack, on the bass side. Forgot to snap a pic, really small, finish only. Really nothing compared to what you see on some S style guitars. All electronics work as they should. Floyd nut clamps are non original. Jackson branded Floyd, but I do not have the tremolo bar. Killer guitar! No case, but trem will be blocked, and strings detuned for shipping. Let me know I can remove the neck for shipping, if wanted as well. Thanks for looking.