Jackson Randy Rhoads 1987 – Shocking Pink

$ 3793.57

An original Jackson custom order Randy Rhoads model from 1986. Straight-through neck with added wings. This comes from the original San Dimas Charvel/Jackson workshop before they moved in 1987 to a new location.

The guitar plays and sounds great. Functionally there are no issues. It has that famous wide flat fingerboard of the era (not much depth) and the guitar sits nicely on the strap. In isolation it sounds very much focused on treble and upper mids. But in a band mix, it cuts through everything else and is prominent and clear, in a good way. It has “that” sound.

The Kahler works fine, no issues. But I never use it and so I removed the locking nut from the headstock. I will included it in the case.

There is one volume for the bridge humbucker and one for both single coils. The third pot is a master tone control. The pickup selector is a five way with your standard strat type results, B/BM/M/MN/N.

Cosmetically, the paint has issues. It is chipped in the normal places (at the points), but there are also chips along the neck edge and you can see some paint issues under the lacquer in various places. It’s difficult to show in photos. If I was going to keep it, I would just have it re-finished in the colour that I wanted.

The paint damage is as it was when I bought it (early 2000s). I have looked after this guitar, which is why you can see that the fretboard is clean. Every time I change the strings the fretboard gets a clean and a light rub of lemon oil. I also bought a proper fitted Jackson case, which will come with the guitar.