Jackson Pro Series SL2A MAH HT Soloist – Unicorn White

$ 899.00

This guitar is in mint condition. Rarely played and extremely well taken care of.

The original set up and all maintenance done by an accredited Luther who was the head of repair at Washburn.

Thought I needed a Jackson to round out my guitar collection, but it’s not for me – I am an ESP/LTD guy.


The Jackson Pro Series Soloist SL2A MAH HT electric guitar is a modern rock-and-metal player’s dream. Its oiled maple neck and all-duty compound-radius ebony fingerboard will give you the freedom to explore new heights and plumb new depths of high-gain glory. Onboard Seymour Duncan Distortion pickups kick out smoking-hot midrange clarity, as well as lower-end growl and bite. And a Jackson HT6 string-through hardtail bridge provides killer sustain support and keeps you in tune. Topped with eye-catching black nickel hardware, the Jackson Pro Soloist SL2A MAH HT is as gig-ready as they come.

Neck-through design maximizes sustain

  • The Jackson Pro Soloist SL2A MAH HT owes its great tone in part to a neck-through-body design. The one-piece through-body maple neck doesn’t just join the body — it’s part of the body. This configuration contributes to sustain in a big way, since the entire guitar is structurally integrated with the pickups, bridge, and tailpiece affixed to the neck.

Compound-radius fingerboard yields comfort and speed

  • Switching between rhythms and leads is effortless on the Pro Soloist SL2A MAH HT. Its 12- to 16-inch compound-radius ebony fingerboard, which is rounder at the nut and flatter as you move upward, makes everything you’re likely to encounter in a musical setting easier and more comfortable to play.

Seymour Duncan Distortion pickups

  • The Pro Soloist SL2A MAH HT’s genuine Duncan Distortion humbuckers deliver crunch and clarity, perfect for any style of music that begs you to drive your amp’s input. The Distortions’ power, clarity, sustain, and crunch come from enormous ceramic magnets and hot coil windings that converge to create a sound that’s full, rich, and raw.