Jackson Pro Series Signature Josh Smith Soloist SL7 ET Electric Guitar (Aquamarine) (11/20/23)

$ 2509.89

The Jackson Soloist SL7 ET is the signature guitar for guitarist Josh Smith of the band Northlane. Known for technical, downtuned playing style, Josh Smith needed an instrument that could take on all the heavy riffage he could throw at it, and that’s what the Soloist SL7 ET is made to do. The guitar is made for downtuned metal music thanks its Bare Knuckle pickups as well as the EverTune bridge that comes stock with the guitar. There’s also a number of modern features that make this instrument perfect for downtuned heavy music.

Bare Knuckle Pickups

The Soloist SL7 ET is powered by Josh Smith’s signature Bare Knuckle Impulse pickup set. These pickups come with a humbucker in the bridge and a single coil in the neck. The bridge humbucker offers a full and tight response expertly crafted for downtuned guitars, but also perfect for medium-gain rock tones. The neck single coil offers a focused low-end as well as a super smooth high-end response making both leads and solos cut through any mix.

EverTune Bridge

Northlane has a tendency to tune their guitars down way lower than the typical player into what would typically be considered 8 string territory. So, Northlane have become outspoken advocates for the use of the EverTune bridge. Josh Smith’s signature is no exception, coming stock with the EverTune F7 bridge. The EverTune bridge is designed to not only keep your guitar in perfect tune, but also maintain perfect intonation, which it has proven it is able to do. The EverTune also changes the function of the tuning keys, which instead adjust the tension instead of tuning, allowing you to make it so your guitar’s strings will not change pitch no matter how much you bend them or how hard you pick them.

Modern Features

Along with Bare Knuckle pickups and an Evertune bridge, the Soloist SL7 ET comes with a number of other modern features. The guitar is built with an alder body and a neck-thru caramelized maple neck with graphite reinforcement, adding increased note sustain as well as structural integrity to the instrument. One other very obvious modern feature is that this guitar is a 7 string, tuned to standard with an extra low B string to add an extended note range to your playing. If B standard is still too high for you, the guitar’s 27” scale makes it easy to tune even lower and paired with the EverTune bridge, the sky’s the limit with how low this guitar can be tuned.

Why We Love It

With metalcore slowly rising in popularity, it only makes sense that artists like Josh Smith receive signature instruments to allow others to properly achieve the tone and playing style as the big names in the scene. With its modern appointments, including Bare Knuckle pickups and an EverTune bridge, the Soloist SL7 ET guitar is meticulously crafted to deliver modern metal on all fronts to any player that picks it up.


  • Alder body
  • Through-body caramelized maple neck w/graphite reinforcement
  • 27” baritone scale
  • 12”-16” compound radius ebony fretboard w/24 jumbo frets
  • Heel-mount truss rod adjustment wheel
  • Luminlay side-dots
  • Signature Bare Knuckle Josh Smith Impulse pickups
  • EverTune F7 bridge
  • Dunlop strap locks
  • Includes Electric Guitar
  • Includes Jackson Foam Core Hardshell Gig Bag