Jackson Pro Series RR3 Rhoads 2016 – Present – Ivory with Black Pinstripes

$ 1201.12

Jackson Pro Rhodes RR3 (2016-Indonesia)

Here for sale is my nephews Jackson which I am selling on his behalf as he wants to buy a processor or something.

I have just given it a clean and setup (EB’s 9-42) which is the reason it has no string clamps on the pictures, these are included however, the originals which came with the guitar.

A detailed description of the spec is included in the pictured (from serial lookup on Jackson), it plays great and is in remarkable condition overall with the plastic proctectors still on the back panels (I took them off the truss rod plate and machineheads during setup) and it’s ready to go.

Has a big old brass block under the trem which I pretty sure is an upgrade for the series 1000 floyd – all of which I have seen just have a regular cheapish block. There is no case though.

Any questions, give me a shout, these things a pretty rare in this configuration, thanks for looking,

Kev (07747157551)

Will consider delivery options.