Jackson Pro Series Misha Mansoor HT6 Guitar, with latest John Petrucci pickups, like NEW

$ 699.00

Note!!! This is the old version with Ebony fretboard and 16 inch radius (new versions have Maple FBs and a 20″ radius).

MODIFICATIONS: PICKUPS: DiMarzio Dreamcatcher (bridge), Rainmaker (neck)
STRINGS: D’Addario EXL148 (Extra Heavy) (.012 – .060)
TUNING: C standard (all strings 2 full steps down)

Correctly set up (relatively low action, pretty much no string buzz and proper intonation) for strings mentioned above and tuning in C.

The guitar looks pretty much like a new one and functions like a new one, or actually better than a new one because of the much better pickups (optimized pickup height as well). The only difference is that it shows very slight scratches near the lower left side (looking down from a playing position) of the bridge pickup underneath the first string (the typical “anchor” scratches).

The guitar does NOT come with a gig bag or case!

The only reason why I’m selling the guitar is so that I can finally buy a Music Man John Petrucci Majesty guitar 🙂