Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK DK2 Modern Ash HT7 2020 – Present – Baked Blue w/ Fishman Keith Merrow 7 Pickups

$ 800.00

Jackson DK2 HT7 Ash in great condition with upgraded pickups. Has the Fishman Keith Merrow 7 3-voice set installed, which I prefer to the original opencores (original 5 way switch and electronics that came with guitar). Guitar is mint and plays amazingly with low action, currently set with 10-52 62 in drop G#. Will ship with original fishman opencores and extra complete wiring. Also comes with original trussrod adjustment screw, Allen wrenches, strap locks, box and booklet.

Made in Korea goodness! Guitar has luminlays, frets are in great condition (smooth to bend), and binding is smooth, not a single sharp fret or fretting out anywhere. Tusq XL nut to boot, and gotoh and hipshot hardware, killer guitar all around. Neck is a nice and thin, but not too thin, about 19-21mm. The 12-16″ radius feels great, I prefer it to the flatter radii being touted by today’s brands…

Only reason I’m selling is because I prefer guitars with Floyd’s for my personal tastes. I will absolutely consider trading for a Jackson Dave Davidson MAH Warrior 7 string. Hit me up!

Otherwise offers are welcome.