Jackson Pile O’ Skulls Modified

$ 1350.00

Up for sale is my Japanese Pile O’ Skulls, modified with an MIJ reverse headstock off another Dinky. In this edition the guitar came with a Seymour Duncan JB and (I believe) 2 Classic Stack single coils like the USA variant came with. The stock bridge and nut were upgraded with Stainless Steel parts. No neck pocket cracks. The only real visible damage on the guitar is a bang on the lower body near the input Jack, and a finish scratch on the lower left horn on the back of the guitar. Theres also a small crack on the back of the neck From screwing in the neck. (small but worth noting) Has never given me any tuning issues. Was just recently professionally set up in E standard.

Comes in a gig bag. If you have any questions feel free to message me!