Jackson PC3 1996 – Amber

$ 819.71

Jackson PC3 from 1996, near-new condition. There’s just one mini-crack (less than 1 cm) on the body around the neck joint, which prevents me from categorizing it as “perfect”. As for the luthiery and fretwork, it’s Japanese-made from the ’90s, and as usual, it’s absolutely impeccable, especially for a guitar in this price range ($875 new, at the time). The neck fingerboard is particularly beautiful, very soft and pleasant to the touch. The guitar’s previous owner added a wedge in the rear vibrato cavity, which improves tuning, and this is clearly a plus. It has just come out of the music store, where it has been fully tuned and fitted with a new set of 10-46 strings. I don’t have a case, but a thick gigbag, for shipping, there’s no problem, as I’m used to making very solid packages.

Body : mahogany

Neck : maple

Pickups : HSS Duncan Design (5 way switch)

Bridge : Wilkinson

Finish : trans amber

Please contact me before ordering, so we can calculate the real shipping costs together