Jackson MIJ Pro Series RR5FR Rhoads

$ 1100.00

Price is shipped CONUS only. Come pick it up if you’re in the Chicago/Chicago suburbs area.
Up for grabs is a 2011 Jackson RR5FR from their previous made in Japan pro series range. These guitars are getting more and more coveted as time goes on – they’re workhorses with top notch craftsmanship. This one is no exception; it’s an excellent player and it sounds fantastic. I’m selling this only because I recently bought another Rhoads with a hardtail bridge and I prefer that over the Floyd. This particular one has had a handful of mods and they are as follows:
– Pickups were replaced for Seymour Duncan Custom/59 set
– Deleted tone knobs and wired straight to the volume pot; the tone pots were unusable due to sloppy soldering from the previous owners (I’ll include the old knobs in case you decide to purchase new pots)
– Dunlop strap locks
– Heavy duty trem springs from StewMac (I have a handful of extra Floyd parts that I’ll include too)

Condition wise it’s in really good shape – it was used but well taken care of. You’ll find some minor dings and surface marks but nothing to complain about on an 11 year old guitar. Strung up with Daddario NYXL 11-56 in D standard, and I have the trem blocked but it’s easily reversible if you’d like to return to floating (all I did was tape some picks together, stuff it in the cavity, and then tighten the springs). Case included – one latch doesn’t work but the integrity of the case is unaffected.
Sold as is – I’m just a guy, not a store – so please ask questions if you have any concerns.