Jackson MG Series DKMG Dinky 2003-2011 – Black

$ 699.00

I ordered this custom Jackson MG series Dinky MIJ through The Guitar Center in Richmond, CA in late 2005. I chose the small shark tooth inlays instead of the big inlays that came stock, as well as a reverse headstock. The MG series Jacksons came with a selection of four different EMG pickups; I chose the EMG Platinum for the bridge and the EMG Gold for the neck, both wired with one volume control, one tone control and a simple three-way switch. I also picked the best Floyd Rose bridge available at the time, along with two whammy bars (included, not shown).

I did an extensive setup on this beautiful guitar:

  • Floyd Rose setup for 10-46s; perfectly level; works great
  • Rosewood fingerboard, always kept oiled and clean
  • Frets highly polished, in excellent condition
  • Action set very low, perfect for shredding/neo-classical fast playing
  • No fret buzz; every single note on all 24 frets sound perfect
  • Intonation is perfect and easy to set with the Floyd Rose bridge
  • The neck is perfect! Great camber and a very fast playing surface

There are a few cosmetic imperfections. As careful as I was with this guitar, it did get bumped a couple of times. You really need to look hard to see even the biggest of the three dings (all pictured). Typical light scuffing in the clearcoat from playing the guitar for close to 20 years. Otherwise, this baby is in outstanding condition! I really think it warrants an “excellent” for condition but chose “very good” to be conservative.

This guitar was my #1 at-home player — it never gigged or toured or even went to someone else’s house — and lived in a smoke-free, cat-friendly environment. This has to be one of the best playing guitars of the many, many I’ve owned. The only reason I’m selling it is because I’ve moved into a different playing style and don’t need a Floyd Rose bridge anymore, therefore it rarely gets played. I’d like to pass it on to someone who plays the style of music this guitar was designed for.